Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We’re In–And I’m Loving It!


We’ve been moved into the new house for three days now (movers left around 11PM Saturday) and each day I become more and more happy we’re here! My head is overflowing with ideas of decorating, organizing and projects, I had to start a list so I don’t forget them.

First off, the paint is amazing! The colors are bold and bright, with “Swiss Coffee” doors, trim and baseboards so it all really pops.


It helped while dealing with the movers and all the chaos during the actual move. It took 8 hours for them to load the truck, the last 3 hours we were repeatedly told they were “almost done”, “just a few more pieces” etc. When they finally got the truck with our belongings to the new house it was pretty much dark yet that wasn’t the worst part. With our stuff in the truck at the end of our driveway we were told the price would be over $1900 – more than double the quote!!

Talking to the manager got us nowhere – basically we pay the exorbant amount or they’d leave with our belongings. Not seeing any real option we gave the credit card (so we can dispute the charges if needed) and had the movers proceed. Instead of them moving furniture and boxes to the correct rooms we decided to have it all left downstairs to save time (charges were per hour). And Marc decided to help just to get it over with. By the end of the night I was seeing Marc coming in and out with stacks of boxes more often than the movers! Ridiculous.. So our house ended up like this:


A few hours of sleep and I got back to moving the boxes into the correct rooms.. While it wasn’t exactly progress it felt so much better after the two downstairs rooms were cleared of all that really would be staying there.

Moved Boxes

Like I started with, at least we are now in the new house, the pups and cat have adjusted very well and who couldn’t be happy surrounded by all the bright colors?!



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