Friday, November 4, 2011

The Beginning (of the end?!)

After my first week of checking out tons of blogs and getting totally inspired to do all kinds of projects (much to hubby's quizzical looks of who he married) I realized a blog might be good for me. I can rant and rave all I want maybe even saving some friends' ears from having to listen to my jibber jabber nonsense although I'm not making any promises to them. Since I seem to be typing up a storm I'll break this into multiple posts. :)

I'm totally psyched to start a bunch of new things at home! It all started with wanting and needing to find a new way to store our ~800 DVDs. I outgrew my big DVD rack a couple years ago and ever since have had them scattered in three other racks  (a new one and took over the two that used to hold CDs), in and on the TV stands and various stacks all over the house. A Google search online for DVD storage took me to a blog about organizing with a post about finding holders at The Container Store - I was sold immidiately! I remember going to The Container Store with my parents when I was a kid/preteen and the sheer thought of it had me giddy. The bad news - the only one in Arizona is an hour or so away so it had to wait until a weekend.

I spent the rest of the week searching for reviews and other versions until finally the weekend came! Hubby decided to go with me which was great and daunting all at once. I love when he will accompany me but I am one to browse in certain stores and he is not. However, it turned out better with Mr Wonderful there - I showed him the boxes I intended to get (acrylic with colored disc holders) and he noticed faux leather ones that as he pointed out would look much better if on shelves. They were a little more money and held about 20 less but he was correct in that if we end up having them on shelves where we see them all the time we will be much happier with the nicer looking ones. Sold!

While the DVDs I had in the big rack were in alphabetical order the stacks all over the rest of the house were not. I was planning to make an inventory sheet so tried to tell myself that the order didn't matter since I could search out the movie I wanted. I got through putting about 30 in sleeves and couldn't do it, my OCD(?) kicked in and I had to at least start in alphabetical order. So out came the 30 and started the long task of getting the discs from the various stacks in order.

It took about three weeks including another trip to The Container Store to buy out the rest of their boxes (there are now 7 total for the DVDs) but it got finished! Well, I did find a stack of another 15 or so DVDs that are now in a pile and need to be filed but I'm still counting it as a success. :) Here they are all nice and neat waiting for me to find their home in the new house.

Ever since I found the idea I've been finding more and more that I want to do. Thank goodness for the internet - it's chock full of great ideas!!! Now if only I could find more time...

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