Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Garage for the Cars

A while back I saw a picture of a toy car garage made out of a box. When I noticed Sav sitting almost in a box "parking" a car I figured it was time. After both kidlets were in bed for a nap I searched out a picture to recreate and set to work. Tyler woke up first and loved the scrap pieces of cardboard I had next to me. By the time Sav awoke I had it all put together. It happened to be a day where she was super upset when she woke up and it got worse when she saw the garage because it want "bluuuuuue". ~sigh~

It stunk but gave me an easy way to get her it of her funk! I sat her on the couch with a snack and Sesame Street and she played with Tyler (after getting off the couch) while I set to work painting. Once it was blue she loved it - but couldn't play with it since it was wet. I left it on the counter and told her it would be ready tomorrow. She has been playing with it like crazy ever since!

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