Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tyler’s First Day of School

The day has come for Tyler to head off to school. The plan was for him to start in a couple weeks but with Marc called back to work and me being sick I decided he would start a little earlier. He woke up happy as usual and after I got him dressed I had to get some pictures.



After a couple, he decided he was ready to go. If he was crawling I’m sure he would’ve taken off earlier..



Savannah decided she wanted to go out for pancakes. Sounded like a great idea for Tyler’s first day of school. Not that he needed a pick me up, but Tyler loves the attention he gets when we go out.



When divying out the jellies and jams, I got the Orange Marmalade.



And when our food arrived, Savannah the wonderful big sister shared her pancakes with Tyler. He of course loved them.

Sharing Pancakes


After breakfast we headed off to school. When we arrived, Savannah pointed to the little babies room and asked “Baby Tyler’s Room”? Since I had to finish paperwork etc I told her we had to get her to class so she wouldn’t miss outside time (which was also true). She was ok with it and headed down to her room. We found her class in the computer room but when it was time for her to go in she started to get upset. I’m not sure what happened but she turned back to me and tears started. I reminded her that Tyler was going to stay at school with her (in his room) too and Mommy would be back right after nap as always. It didn’t matter so I had to go with her still wimpering a little with Ms Tania.

Then off Tyler and I went to finish getting him all setup. Ms Toni took us into Tyler’s class to meet his teacher - Ms Susan – and his classmates – Matthew, Paige, Hyland and Emmie. He was all smiles taking in the room. It turns out Ms Susan already knew of Tyler from Savannah and other teachers. They had been waiting for him to start for many months since they see him every day Savannah goes to school. He sure makes an impression! Ms Susan told us she was so excited he was finally starting in her room. We talked for a few minutes to go over his routine etc then I put him down on the carpet. No crying, he was just looking around taking it all in.




I gave him kisses and told him I’d see him soon then had to get a couple things from the store for him. When I came back about 20 minutes later Ms Susan had him in the rocker with her. I was a little worried but she said he had just cried a little and was just ready for nap. I trusted her – let’s be serious, the boy doesn’t really cry much – left the stuff for her on the counter and headed out before he saw me to not disturb the flow of things. Unlike Savannah’s first day, I didn’t cry on the way home. But I felt so lonely without him at home with me!!! I think moreso than I did with Savannah..


It got the better of me in the early afternoon and I called the school to check on him. The woman who answered was filling in from a different school, had never been there before, but when I said “This is Jenifer, Savannah and Tyler’s mom” she immidiatly said “Baby Tyler?!?”. OMG I was worried something had happened (not bad but that he had been upset or something like that)!! I said yes and she started fawning over him! She told me she had stopped by the baby room and was playing peek-a-boo through the door with him to which he was laughing and talked with Ms Susan including asking how long he’d been coming to school there and couldn’t believe it was his first day! I of course felt a little (maybe a lot) silly for even calling. But it made me feel better just hearing he was ok instead of assuming.


When it was time for pickup, I got Savannah first and she couldn’t wait to get “Baby Tyler” from his room. She took off down the hall and waited at the door to his room for me. When I let her in I didn’t see Tyler – it turned out he was having a snack in one of the highchairs. Savannah had to have the first hug and kiss (she was much happier than she looks in these pictures). Tyler smiled but kept right on eating – shocker, right? haha


Ms Susan said he had a great day and gave us his normal daily page with an extra first day sheet. It turns out he and Matthew were already great buddies and do a lot of the same (grabbing each other etc). Ok, I wasn’t surprised but I was really glad he was so happy at school. It does still amaze me how go with the flow he is.



We had to stop by the store on the way home and the two had a grand ol’ time in the cart. They really are a couple of goofballs..



Shortly after we arrived home he needed another nap and the night went on as normal.


A few more pictures to add – these are actually from his second day of school but have his teacher and a couple classmates (including his bud Matthew in blue)..



And after only having an hour an fifteen minutes of nap time all day, he was a pile of enerfy when we got home – I couldn’t even keep him still for a picture!!

Tyler in the Jumper

Sav Joining the Jump Session


His sheets from his second day (Mommy’s very proud)..



And probably the fastest falling asleep time in his life so far – and he’s always been easy – a half an hour early..



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