Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Butt Squeaks

The other day Savannah was in the playpen while I went to get her a new outfit and I heard a bunch of squeaking start. I went over to her and she had maneuvered her giraffe under herself and was lifting and dropping her butt on it to get it to squeak. Well, I don't know that she did it on purpose but she has done it a couple more times since then so I'm assuming it's intentional. Either way, was so cute and funny..

The feeding fun continues.. So far she's had butternut squash, acorn squash, peas and banana. Tomorrow we try apples. We are going through a lot of bibs and wipes but she does get some in her tummy. 

While not as obsessed as she was a few months ago I still catch Savannah staring at the ceiling fixtures. Sometimes she looks mesmerized, other times smiling and giggling. Oh to be so easily amused!!

Last but not least and a little late a goodbye to my wonderful Xterra - we traded it for a 2012 Pathfinder a few weeks ago. I do love the Pathfinder but still miss my X, so many great memories and road trips! However I now have an AV jack and plenty of room for all the dogs and us humans. 

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