Sunday, January 20, 2013

Carried Away

Savannah and I are starting to get the hang of the carriers - just in time as my back is having issues again. I've only used the Moby around the house while cleaning, vacuuming etc. I realized I don't have as many standing chores as I thought - I think it's uncomfortable for her in the Moby when I sit since her legs are out. Or it could be that she likes it better when we're walking around.

I took the other carrier with us to run some errands today and used it at the mall. I only had to go to one store to return a couple things but accidentally parked on the opposite side of the mall. Previously when I've tried using the carrier Savannah would start crying before it was all bucked up. Today we got through the mall and back with a detour in Dillard's when I got lost and she was curious and smiling the whole time! She did have her tongue out at least half the time - no idea what that was about!? Since I only have one errand out of the house tomorrow I'm going to try taking her for a walk around the neighborhood with the carrier tomorrow - need to work up to hiking!!!

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