Saturday, December 29, 2012

Savvy Fonda

Tummy time is turning into a leg workout - bring on the leg warmers! Last night (when I didn't have the camera of course) Savvy was trying to pull her legs up under her like crazy while Marc was putting the bookshelves up in her room. Tonight I caught a little of the action on video.

Some of Savvy's new clothes came in yesterday - I was so excited I immediately put one of the pairs on jeans on. Too cute although they are too long on her, I had to roll the cuffs up twice to see her feet. The waist fits pretty good and since it's an elastic waist they should be good for a while as she gets bigger (and after a big feed). :)

If you recall, at Savvy's 4 month doctor's appointment she weighed 17 lbs.. I weighed her on the Wii this morning and it said about 15.5 lbs which included her pajamas and diaper. Marc doesn't trust the Wii but I thought it was pretty accurate when I used to use it. Oh well, healthy is all that matters!

It turns out the books have caused me to worry about a lot more things than needed. Most of not all warn to not put her in the crib when she's already asleep - that she should be a little awake. Makes sense but it doesn't work as she falls asleep while eating during the night routine (another supposed nono). The reason being they need to be able to fall asleep in their crib by themselves especially when they wake up in the middle of the night. We don't have that issue, even though 90% of the time she is placed in the crib while asleep we have a few nights like tonight where she is wide awake. She just plays with a toy and mirror or looks at stuff on the walls - there's a nightlight - for a while then goes to sleep when she's done or tired enough. It's great, especially on nights like tonight when I'm exhausted and almost falling asleep while feeding her. Nap time is still impossible in the crib. She'll fall asleep in our laps but when we try to put her in the playpen or crib she's up in 10-15 minutes. The swing however ends up with at least an hour of sleep. Don't know what we're going to do when she grows out of it!!

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