Sunday, December 23, 2012


While Savvy still loves her stuffed puppy (and monkey, bunny, basically anything stuffed) she is now getting more interested in the real ones. She not only watches them when they are around if they come close enough she will touch them too! She has grabbed their hair a couple times and they had no reaction which is great but still keeping an eagle eye on the whole thing just in case.

She seems to be a lollipop as Sierra, Melanie, and Rodney have all licked her at one time or another. We go through a lot of wipes to clean her up - I'm thinking it's not so good for the dog licked hand to go in her mouth (YUK!!). Dakota so far has not licked her but still seems to go into her room at least some nights. I wish the camera recorded as I'm curious as to what happens - my assumption is he sleeps at the side of the crib near her like he does when we're in the rocking chair. Maybe when she gets older she can tell us :)

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