Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ripping It Up

We left of our presents at home instead of lugging them up to Flagstaff and back for Christmas. The plan was to open them when we returned on Christmas Day but we got home later than expected and Savannah was past ready for bed. 

The day after Christmas however the fun was on! It started with a present straight to the mouth. It was perfect sized for her to grab and the corner was nice and slobbery when she was done.

We then moved on to actually opening the presents. I pulled a little piece of the wrapping paper off and to our surprise Savannah grabbed it and pulled on the paper so I turned the box for her to get the paper off the whole present. It was great!! Each time she had the paper in her hand she kept a good grip on it. We tried to coax it out of her hand by putting the present in front of her to grab but no dice so we had to pull the paper out of her hand to get the next one done. We got through a half dozen or so before Savvy started getting tired or maybe it was overstimulated. Some videos of the fun (I think Daisy Clothes has the best shot of her tearing the paper: 

Googly Eyes Book
Daisy Clothes

Later on we opened the rest, Marc helping her instead of me. This time she was more interested in the toys than the paper however the TV got a lot of attention too. :)


In the end Savvy was one lucky and loved girl, she received so many wonderful presents!! I can't wait for her to be able to use them all, they look like so much fun!!

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