Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sitting and Hand Sucking

Marc and i had our first night out without the monkey last night. It was good but very weird not having her with me even though I knew she was in great hands. We went to Marc's work holiday party where I realized I am not used to drinking anymore. I had two beers and two Jager-bombs (thanks to his boss) and it was rough! Luckily Savvy went down real easy when we got home around 11 as I was soo ready for bed.
Had a great Saturday with Savvy and Marc, our last one of the year since Marc is working the rest of them. A bunch of fun be bopping and playing with Savvy and a lot of her sucking on her hand. Was mentioned last night it could be teething which would make sense but seems so early! Yet another thing to ask about at her four month appointment on Thursday. Four months - sheesh!

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