Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daddy Playtime

The biggest joy of Marc's days off is watching him play with Savannah. They are just too freaking cute! Video of Savvy and Daddy As I’m writing Marc is trying to figure out if Savvy is still hungry or just playing. Savvy has taken the bottle from Marc, pulled it out of her mouth then moving back towards her mouth. He was just smiling and watching her until he realized the bottle was dripping all over! So he tried to help which just led to her pushing the bottle all around and giggling with Daddy.

Now that the holidays are over Savannah has seen her first menorah, Christmas tree with lights, presents, her mom's crazy I-don't-know-what-the-heck-I'm-doing wrapping process (complete with tons of tape and sometimes sides showing) and snow! She really is keen on watching us do things - eyes open real wide and follows our hands or whatever we are moving. Luckily she doesn't try to master skills this early as I have a tendency to do things incorrectly for instance cutting towards my hand instead of away from it. Oh thank goodness she is surrounded by other good influences! ;-) 

As for the snow, she really only saw it through the window so far. We didn’t think to get her a big winter jacket and it was REALLY cold up in Flagstaff. Considering how fast she’s growing even if we had bought one it would’ve ended up being the wrong size since she’s now in 6mo and 9-12 month size depending on the brand. A friend of ours told me about The Childrens Place store and I love and hate her for it. I love their clothes, prices and sales but takes a lot of control to not keep buying it all! I had just ordered a couple things from their site as they are having a big sale so checked online for jackets and found an adorable three layer one that was half price plus could get an extra 30% off but alas, the only size available is 2T. Grrrr. 

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