Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Sav

Our luck with easy bedtime may have run out. Tonight is the third night she has not gone to sleep with the normal routine. Last night we had to go back twice before she went to sleep. Tonight she was pretty much asleep while eating so I brought her to my shoulder for a burp. I got one but then looked at her and she was awake again. It has happened before and she ends up hanging out in her crib then falling asleep. Tonight I turned the monitor on and she's crying a little , more like whimpering. I'm waiting it out a few minutes to see if she goes to sleep (fingers crossed).

On a good note, Savvy has been pulling her head up for a little while when propped on the boppy pillow. She also grabs my fingers and loves to be pulled up to a sitting position then lowered back down. Low and behold, tonight she sat up for a couple minutes (see attached)! I think she tried to do it again after but ended up with her chest on her legs.

Just noticed the red bar on the monitor has stopped and she looks asleep so I'm off to bed to get some zzzzs in now in case she doesn't make it through the night. :)

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