Friday, December 21, 2012

Rice Cereal!

Decided to try feeding Savannah some really diluted cereal tonight. I used the Gerber Rice Cereal since it seemed to be the most used first food. And of course one of her cute bowls and spoons. :)

I've been having Savvy in her high chair at the edge of the kitchen while I cook since it seems to help avoid fussy time. Not sure if it's watching me or a different viewpoint but much easier regardless!

Thankfully Marc had a few extra minutes before he had to leave for work so he did the feeding while I held the camera. 

And a couple videos :)

She did VERY well - much better than I expected since I've read the first time (or few times) many babies don't take to it at all or most of it ends up on them or the bib. There was more on the bib than normal with a bottle but not too bad!

Afterwards, we had some goofing off - all with hand in mouth of course. 

Then we had to say bye to daddy as he left for work :(

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