Thursday, December 20, 2012

Savvy's Checkup

I'm not sure we can call Savvy ”little" anymore.. She is now 25 inches long and 17 lbs, in the 95th percentile! Totally shocking since I've read the average is 20 lbs at a year. She was just 11 lbs at her last checkup so wasn't expecting a 6 lb gain in two months. Doc told us she is doing wonderfully and to keep with feeding her whenever she is hungry. Needless to say I am not worried about her not getting enough food anymore.

We also got the OK from Doc to try baby oragel, hopefully it will relieve some of her discomfort she seems to be having. She spends a lot of her awake hours with her hand in her mouth, not interested in the teething toys.

I am very happy that she is doing wonderfully according to the Doc so we just keep on trucking our way. :)

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