Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making Music

Savvy is enjoying playing with her Having a Ball toy that her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin gave her for Christmas. At first she would watch as I pushed the buttons and dropped the balls in it. Now she’s starting to figure out the buttons are causing the music and enjoying beating them. Video: Savvy Making Music

Her latest babble is what I’m calling Monster Noises (Video). I don’t know what the heck they mean but she’s doing it all the time. At least she’s smiling and not screaming (although we still get screaming and screeching as well).

Some random cuteness pictures:

You look interesting Mr Bug
How do I get over to this thing?!?

She is having fun in her jumper too although still not quite long enough legs. We’ve graduated from a box that’s a couple inches or so to a board game. I’m starting her “Sorry” training early so we can gang up on Daddy and Grandpa!

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