Tuesday, March 19, 2013


On Sunday Savannah and I met some friends at the PHX Zoo for some outdoor entertainment. The weather was perfect for a day out, nice and sunny but not too hot. Unfortunately Marc was working so he couldn’t go.

We saw lots of different animals - I hope Savvy saw them but can't know for sure.

Even when we got to the gorillas and he was right in front of her, Savannah was watching a little girl running around.. Apparently she's a people watcher :)


Overall she was great, just a little fussyness when she was tired but she passed out for a half hour or so.


After we returned home (and another half hour nap in the car) Savannah was still brimming over with energy. Oh those smiles and silly faces just warm my heart. I was even able to get a couple decent pictures of us together - and twenty or so crappy ones.


And some videos of this afternoon’s playtime:
Mouth Pops
Buzzing Bee

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