Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mumbo Bumbo

While Grandpa David and Grandma Tena were here for a visit we took a trip to Toys R Us to get Savvy a Bumbo seat. The first time we tried to use it Savannah didn’t seem to fit in it well – her left leg got stuck and I didn’t want to pull on it too hard to try and get it in. But we don’t give up after just one attempt!

The next morning while still in her pajamas we tried again and she plopped right in. She looked around and tried it out to see what it was all about testing it’s limits by bending over and reaching for things.

When we got the big smile I knew it was all good. I took down one of her toy bins and propped it up next to her so she’d have plenty to keep her busy and she stayed happy as a clam for almost an hour!!
DSCN0362 DSCN0370

Since then I’ve realized that having pants on works best, she already has mommy’s thunder thighs and the friction between them and the Bumbo seems to be what keeps her from fitting when they’re naked. So pants it is!! She’s been having a lot of fun now that I’ve figured it out.

While it is to be used on the floor I have cheated and put her in the middle of the big ottoman. The first time was when the pups were getting hyper so she could see them playing. She was grinning ear to ear while watching them.

So in short, Bumbo = SCORE!!!

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