Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cruisin' Around

I'm trying to get Savannah out as much as possible even if just for errands. Now that she's grabbing toys and playing with them I swapped her carrier toys out for one that when she pulls on it it vibrates and moves. She really seems to be getting a kick out of it - and loves that it can get to her mouth! 


Her motor skills are soaring! She can bend over to pick up a toy and sit back up, uses her feet to help get toys to her hands when out of reach and passes toys between her hands. The last couple weeks she's been grabbing Marc's and my face while looking at us like she's trying to figure it all out. 

In addition to getting her out, unless she's sleeping when we get to our destination I've been carrying her instead of leaving her in the carrier/stroller. This way she can really see all over the place - and boy is she looking at everything. The more colors the better! While in stores I go through sections with lots of colors or textures to really get her going. She's also getting much more social with people - as you can imagine she gets a lot of attention from everyone who notices her!!

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