Monday, February 11, 2013

Private Roller and Learning to Fly

The books (and people) say that babies roll from their tummies to their backs first. Once again, Savannah did not get the memo.. When she’s through on her tummy she starts wimpering, I’ve tried letting her go and talking to her but she gives up and starts crying. Also tried rolling her myself but she’s not interested in trying herself.
I have not seen her roll from her back to her belly however here is how I found her this morning..
We still put her to bed on her back and last couple times I had checked on her she was sleeping on her side then playing with toys on her back. Apparently rolling over is a private thing, not something to share with Mommy or Daddy. Little stinker!!
Later in the afternoon, tummy time turned into a Superman audition.. Note Daddy’s hand making sure she doesn’t actually take flight Winking smile
And back by popular demand, another round of Butt Squeaks!!

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