Monday, February 25, 2013

Sea Life Aquarium

We had our first visit to the aquarium last week. Especially considering Savvy had her Well Exam a few hours earlier including *3* shots she seemed to have a great time!
We took her up to all the exhibits so she could see all the fishes and boy did she stare.  We tried pointing at different fish for her to look at but she mostly fixated on one and tracked it as long as possible.

DSCN0234Loved watching her eyes open big to see and her little hand reach out for the fish, wish I could've been in that cute little head to know what she was thinking!

Some of the fishes we saw..

I didn’t realize how green the room was where we took these last pictures, they’re blurred but can still see how cute Savvy is!

DSCN3105   DSCN3106

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