Saturday, February 23, 2013

Grandpa David and Grandma Tena’s Visit

Savannah had a visit from Grandpa David and Grandma Tena for Valentine’s Day and her 6 month birthday (not sure if planned that way but that’s how it worked out!). There was lots of playing, singing and of course cuddling. She had just started reaching out for our faces, nuzzling up to our necks so what a great time to share.

We went on long walks almost every day much to Savannah’s delight (and whichever dog came with us each time). Hiking however did not go as planned. We originally tried with the front carrier and very shortly had a very upset baby. So we switched to the stroller which had Savannah satisfied but turned out the trails were not made for it.. After a few attempts across sand I finally cried defeat and we headed back to the car. We’ll need to practice with the carrier more..

We were able to meet the Wienke grandparents for dinner on one of the nights Marc was off. On the way to dinner Savvy was serenaded by Grandma and Grandpa with songs and lots of laughter (you might be able to see her reflection at the bottom of the mirror in the picture). 

A few minutes of fussy when she needed a new diaper but overall calm and quiet, entertained by her toys while we ate even though we were out WAY past her bedtime!

She had a great time hanging out with two of her three East Coast grandparents and is now excited to see the third in a month!!

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