Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our First Hike!

This morning we took Savannah for her first hike at San Tan Mountain. Super-Daddy Marc not only came with us but had Savvy in the carrier! It was pretty chilly out (for us) at 45 degrees and really windy but thankfully I had a pair of sweatpants, sweatshirt, and fleece hat to get the little one all snuggled up.

On the way Savvy was checking out all the sights outside the window, she is so curious and attentive. She caught me taking pictures and couldn't decide if the camera or outside was more interesting to look at. (video)

We arrived, met our friends, Marc got Savannah in the carrier with her cute little hat and we were off!


 She was trying to look around at all the surroundings but the wind kept getting her so she ended up burying her face in Marc’s chest. Marc pulled her hood over the hat to keep as much wind from hitting her as possible. About 20 minutes into the walk we stopped for a few minutes and she started to get fussy. Turns out she doesn’t like standing still – as soon as we got moving again she was fine. She actually ended up napping for a bit!

I think we we out for about 45 minutes total, not bad considering the wind chill! She was awake when we arrived back at the cars so our friends caught a picture of us all in the parking lot (note to self to get a picture ON the mountain with her next time).

And then it was back to the car to head home with our happy little girl..

Red heart I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect time with my cute family!! Red heart

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