Friday, February 22, 2013

Half a Year Already?!?

It’s been six months since we first met Savannah, what a whirlwind it’s been! I still can’t believe how easy we’ve had it like sleeping through the night before she was three months old, so happy and content.. She’s able to bend forward from sitting to pick up toys then back to sitting position again (supported sitting), roll from back to tummy as well as tummy to back, starting to make consonant sounds along with all her vowels.. I even got all 10 nails trimmed last night while we watched a Baby Einstein DVD – a feat I’ve never accomplished before, I could maybe get a couple at a time.

Found a cute purple butterfly fabric at Joann’s for this month’s pictures.. Savannah was more interested in playing with her 6 month sticker and feet..

DSCN3245  DSCN3242

I couldn’t decide on a single picture to use of course.. I had about 50 – more than normal since I kept getting the wrong position and missing her head or arms.. I did change the settings on the camera this month and I think the pictures turned out a lot better.




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