Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Waterpark

We setup a playdate for Savannah at a water park that has a “zero gravity” pool. I honestly did not know what it was but figured the others were her age so we should be good. Turns out it’s a pool you walk into like the ocean instead of stairs or having to jump in. Savannah had a BLAST!

First we all sat and tested the waters getting used to it. Well, Joey took off and was exploring the whole pool but the rest of us were in the shallow area.


Daddy walked her in a little more for her to play and later on she was walking a good 6+ feet in between us back and forth. She took a couple flops on her face but when I got her up she was cracking up! I think she’s going to be a fish like me – yay!!


Here are the three monkeys splashing on the side of the pool.. It took us a few minutes to convince Savannah to go to the side but finally worked..


And when it was time to go, Savannah got a great big hug from Ella!!


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