Saturday, June 7, 2014

Keeping up with Daddy

We have been Skyping with Marc most nights while he’s away so Savannah gets to see and talk to him. She signs Daddy to me every time I’m on the phone – regardless who I’m talking to – but even when it is Daddy she won’t say hi or respond to him. However, when the Skype program starts she starts getting excited and lately when Marc pops up on the screen she’s all smiles and giggles to say hi. And apparently thirsty – she ALWAYS starts drinking her water or gets upset if I’ve forgotten it (really try to remember!!).

That being said, her attention span is still short so after a few minutes she’s off to color, play or get a book. The past couple weeks Marc has taken a book with him to read to her but it hasn’t caught on yet. The other night when he was on the third page she hopped off my lap, grabbed a book from her shelf, climbed back on my lap and started reading back to Daddy. It was so stinkin’ cute! I think she ended up reading it to him three times – much longer than their normal “chats”!

VIDEO1: Skype with Daddy

VIDEO2: Skype with Daddy

VIDEO3: Skype with Daddy 



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