Monday, June 9, 2014

Dancing with Darius

Our AC downstairs isn’t working again so Savannah and I stayed upstairs most of the day to work and play. More toys are downstairs than here but I figured see how it goes and I could go get some if needed.. We did some reading..



Followed by a snack accompanied by music from Darius Rucker – Marc will love that I’m getting her into country music I’m sure!

Dancing with Darius 1

Dancing with Darius 2


After playing on the computer for 15 minutes she was ready to get moving and hopped off my lap. All I could hear was a bunch of running around and giggling with doggie play growling. It was great! I had all the dogs come upstairs with us since it was so hot downstairs and the five (with Savannah) were running from Marc’s and my room across the loft to her room and back. Although I couldn’t see in there I think they were going through the bathroom and into Savannah’s “tunnel” in our closet (the hanging portion in the middle she can climb under) to turn around. I was working but had to turn around a bunch to watch them all going crazy. I think we’ll be staying up here more even when the AC is fixed – the chair is much better on my back anyways!

Dog Chasing

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