Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Musical Chairs

After setting the table for dinner Savvy was ready to get in the chair and eat. Instead of pulling out her chair and putting her arms up signaling me to put her in her booster she pulled out my chair and climbed up. Had no idea she could get up there - she still isn't much of a climber which I am totally good with!

Curious as to how she'd eat since she wasn't able to see much over the table I sat down to watch. She did great! She sat properly for the whole meal, used her spoon and asked nicely for more sour cream and a chip (using her words instead of just pointing and making noise). She even signed and said "all done" when she was finished which she hasn't been doing as much of in her booster, she's been pushing herself from the table and whining.

We'll see if it continues or was a one time thing but we may not need a second baby chair after all. :-)

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