Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin

Over the weekend we took Sav over to Fry's to get our pumpkins. She loved the piles and was cruising around them checking them out. She stopped at a couple of them for a bit very interested until she noticed there were Huge ones behind her. Of course she then pointed at them -  her way of telling us what she wants.

We picked up three normal sized pumpkins then headed into the store for a couple things.  I grabbed an avocado and the baby pumpkins were right next to them.  I had to get her one! She couldn't decide which she liked better but the baby pumpkin ended up getting a bonk (head butt) so it won in the end. Yes,  she is bonking things she likes.. I pretend they are baby kisses. The dogs get them, a few of her toys, Daddy and I too :-)

On a different note, after dinner when I was taking her to the sink to get cleaned up she saw Marc,  pointed and very clearly said "Daddy!"! It was awesome even more so since it had baby pronunciation!

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