Friday, October 4, 2013

(Re) Organizing the Pantry

Our pantry is now a double door size (yay!!) however one of the doors doesn’t catch like it is supposed to. Savannah has found this wonderous new play place and looves it. So many different toys and colors and textures!




First order of business was moving the green granola bars to their rightful place in the Snapple box.




Next was moving the Snapple bottles out of the way and laying them sideways on the floor. Maybe so they’d mix when you pick them up and set them down upright? (No picture as they ended up behind her and the dogs were too curious for comfort so I moved them to the table)


Then it was on to the racks. This was the over the door rack we used in the old house as the pantry was narrow with deep shelves which drove me nuts.




Amid the racks she found a new drumstick – BONUS!!!!




Some more granola bar fixing..




And of course more drumming..




Then we’re off to play around the table!






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