Sunday, October 6, 2013

Duck Dynasty

Once upon a time our little girl received a cute duck that danced and sang as a present. She was terrified of it, screaming and crying like I hadn’t heard before. Jump ahead 6 or 8 months, in the new house the stuffed animals are lining the hallway by her room for the time being. Partly because I have been painting her room and partly because I’m not sure where to put them all.


Last week she happened upon the duck.. She was curious then unsure and then seemed to warm up to him. Then the real test - I pushed on his foot to start the singing and dancing. It took a second but then a big smile came across her face and she started dancing with him!!


It didn’t take her long to figure out how to turn it on herself and now she dances with him at least a few times a day..

Splish Splash


Of course Savannah has been having so much fun with Daddy now that she sees him every night and weekend! She smiles so big when she sees him come home. And if on the ground she takes off to crawl around to the front door and greet him. She is soo stinkin’ fast!!



She’s getting good at walking with us holding her hands but still no hint of trying on her own.. Crusing the couch and standing looking cute, well she’s nailed them!


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