Monday, October 14, 2013


Savannah and I went out for a walk while Daddy had to run out for a bit on Saturday and ended up at one of the parks on the other side of the neighborhood. First we walked around a bit (Sav walking while holding my hands) then she stopped and was pointing at the one of the play sets. I took her over and sat her on part of it and she just looked around taking it all in. I then took her down one of the slides but she was not a fan.. I noticed there was a pail, shovel and a couple other sand toys so we sat down to play in the sand.. Much better – she dug her hands into the sand, drug the shovel into the sand and poured it out and we giggled a lot while we buried a star.

On Sunday we went with Daddy to the park by our house to play.. I had told Daddy about our trip to the park so this time Daddy took Savannah around and I took the camera… Once again, first order of business was to walk around..



After the walk they headed to the slide. While she didn’t seem scared like on Saturday she still wasn’t sold on it..



So they sat down to play in the sand.. She was not as amused with it this time – not sure if it was because there were no toys? She didn’t even really crack a smile but I did get a wave!



After a few minutes she wanted to walk again and ended up wanting to sit in the shaded sand.. There we did get some smiles – especially while she climbed on Daddy and got kisses!



Before we headed home, Daddy took Savannah for a walk on the play set and tried a different slide. It turns out on Sunday we were missing the key fun component needed for the slide – Daddy!! We got a bunch of smiles and giggles the last couple times!



We of course had fun and planning to go back this week with Lexy, Savannah’s favorite 8 year old :)

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