Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Gift of Gab

Both Marc and I have an app on our phones called “Doodle Toy” that draws different colored neon lines when Savannah moves her finger on it. She’s been having fun with it for a while and now sometimes tries to draw with other objects.


But she has caught on that we do a very different action with our phones..

Gift of Gab 1

Ok, so she’s holding it backwards but the faces she makes crack me up. I wonder if that is what we look like while talking on the phone?!


She also takes the house phone, pushes a few buttons then hands it to me. I take it, put it to my ear and start talking (hello, how are you? and sometimes random things) which she just starts laughing at and wants the phone back to “call” someone else for me.


And my favorite shots – what a great call this must’ve been!!! (Have I mentioned I LOVE our new camera?!?)


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