Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mi Escritorio Su Escritorio

I initially blocked the way from the playroom to my desk but after many times of Savannah getting really upset because she couldn't get to me I had to change it. The reason for the blocking was so she couldn't get back there while I was working, she's never alone upstairs so there aren't any worries of her getting to the wires etc.

So now she can get back to me when she wants. Sometimes she stands up at the chair, watches the screens then leaves to play with something else. Sometimes we play peek-a-boo around the desk. And sometimes she needs some cuddles and she stays on my lap for a bit. Since I have two computers next to each other I play music or open a game for her to watch/play.

The other day she caught sight of my pen cup. And after a minute she decided they looked like fun toys and climbed up onto the desk! Amazing what this girl can do but isn't walking!

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