Tuesday, September 3, 2013


We have a gate at each the bottom and the top of the stairs – it is for Savvy’s safety but she thinks the gate at the bottom of the stairs is another door to play with (open, close, open, close). The other day she realized there was nice fuzzy carpet behind her while she was playing. And to top of her curiousity, Daddy walked up them. That was it – she started climbing up! She made it all the way pretty much by herself (Marisa was behind her just in case) – kinda scary considring Savvy had never really been on stairs before.

Stairs Video

She also loves couches. Crawling across them, standing at the back of it (and dropping whatever she can over the back), throwing herself on the pillows and posing. It’s a new tool we have when she’s fussy to get her happy real quick – can’t have enough of these!!

The Couch


Lastly, while walking still isn’t in the daily plan yet she is very comfortable with standing, sitting, cruising etc. She even does squats!!

Bye Squats


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