Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stacking and Coloring

Today brought with it a lot of messy. We went through three outfits after getting home from school – from diaper mishap to arts and crafts to just plain old dirt. Sure, she can have a grand ol’ time in the dirt but I do change her after so it doesn’t end up all over the house or my new (awesome!) rug. She did have some “clean” time playing with her train and stacking toys.


But then we went back outside.. At night.. With chalk.. While Savannah likes to try and eat the markers more than color with them much of the time she likes drawing on the porch with chalk. Ok, so the chalk ended up in her mouth a couple times but not nearly as much as she drew with it! Note the red knees.. :)



Faint but here’s some of the artwork..



Then we were ready to go inside – or at least tease the dogs that we were out while they were stuck inside..



And off subject – a picture that shows off the new rug a bit :)


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