Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mall Rat

While Grandpa David and Grandma Tena were here we wanted to take Savannah to a play area. Initial idea was to go to one of the Children’s Museums that have really great play areas for babies but we found they were closed. So we ended up at Fiesta Mall – which I haven’t been to before and can’t say I’ll return to but it was only a couple miles from the museum we tried.

Savannah seemed to have a pretty good time. She played with some critters and showed us her good climbing abilities..


She watched the big kids play with amazement..


She found a board with tiles that spin which was very neat!!


She met another baby girl who was just a month or so younger than her.. She showed the other baby her Beached Whale, waved at her numerous times (and said BYE a lot), poked her nose (like mommy and daddy do), and while she played on a flower I made my escape to the big kid area!


And lastly she took her first drive!!! :)


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