Sunday, April 13, 2014

First Haircut

The mullet continues on Savvy’s hair with some nice sporadic bangs in her eyes.. Yes, she’s full out shaggy looking, enough that it’s been bothering her in the bathtub.. Until today!
Marc and I took her the Great Clips by our house for a trim. It seemed silly since she doesn’t have that much hair altogether but figured a nice cleanup would be good. Marc ended up in the chair with Savvy in his lap in the hopes she’d be calmer..


It worked for a couple minutes with the added help of the big mirror she could see herself in. But when the hairdresser starting spritzing water into her hair she spazzed a little.


We showed her the water bottle, had her spritz my hand then Savannah’s hand and explained it was just water which seemed to be ok as she calmed down and examined the water on her hand. She was a little weary when the comb and scissors came out but did really good for the remainder. Watching what was going on in the mirror seemed to help.


We of course got a little bit of the first snips to take home with us..


And the final nice and neat cut!

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