Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's a Boy!

We had another Ultrasound on Thursday and the tech confirmed what the last one appeared - we're having a boy!

We have a couple names from before we knew Savannah was a girl (Jasper, Parker) a couple added on in case this one was a boy (Jackson, Lincoln) and Marc's most recent addition of Archer. Like the TV show that he loves. Which means I should've been able to use Lorelei but I guess we're past that.. Maybe..

I had also seen a nursery I liked for a boy and when I showed Marc last night he liked it: The blue will be close but a little different since I'll use the blue of Savannah's ceiling (only used maybe a third of it for her room).

Of course, the first step for his room will be to clean it out since its been my dumping ground for all of the toys and clothes Savvy has grown out of!

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