Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dyeing Easter Eggs

We took the plunge and decided to dye eggs with Savannah this year. Four colors (pink, teal, orange and purple) as those were the food coloring colors I had on hand, a whisk, a dozen hard boiled eggs and we were ready..

IMG_5449 IMG_5450

The whisk was an effort to minimize the mess and cleanup along with doing it on the back porch so any spills would just be on the concrete. Our first egg went really well with just one near spill – caught just in time!

The First Egg

The second went well but then the impatience settled in.. I don’t know if I didn’t use enough color or it normally takes a while to get the vibrant colors but Savannah didn’t like the waiting. To fill the time she tried other things like eating an egg..


Playing with the dye spots on the ground..


Checking out her belly


Then reorganizing the eggs (they started in the big carton with the idea of moving to the small when colored)..

IMG_20140419_185409725 IMG_20140419_185411494 IMG_20140419_185412618 IMG_20140419_185536283


She was able to load the eggs into the whisk by herself (VIDEO: Loading the Whisk) but without help, would crush them trying to remove.. We ended up with 3 out of 12 crushed which seemed like a good end to me!

IMG_5460 IMG_5468 IMG_5473  IMG_20140419_185520291 IMG_20140419_185523327 IMG_20140419_190427091 

Since she stuck her hand in the cups a couple times and was handling the eggs to put into the carton after dyeing she ended up with some nice bright hands.. Marc tried to clean her up in the sink for a couple minutes but then realized it was almost bath time which would be easier.

IMG_20140419_190422991IMG_5479 IMG_5481 

And our finished eggs!


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