Monday, April 7, 2014


I’ve been looking around the internet for toddler activity ideas that are easy and can be done with things around the house. There are tons of them (not that it’s surprising) – I have pinned a few blogs from stay a home moms and homeschooling moms with fabulous ideas. Even better, they are easy and honestly no-brainers if I had a creative mind like these women. I figured I’d start out easy so while Savannah was napping on Sunday I got a couple ready for her.

The first was to blow up a balloon – we have many left over from a previous party – and hang it so that it’s just above Savannah’s head. The idea is they can swing at it to improve motor skills. Sounds great and easy, right? I hung it in a doorway with painters tape on the ceiling and excitedly waited for her to wake up from her nap. Well, this little one saw it, got super excited then grabbed it and pulled it down. She then proceeded to run around the house with it and Melanie in tow.. Ooops.. We tried tying it to a chandelier but she got it down again. At least she had fun! No pictures since she didn’t stand still but here’s a random picture of my two loves playing video games. She loves Diablo :)


The next one I tried was slime.. Oh yes, ooey gooey messy slime! I found a recipe online for edible slime in case she stuck it in her mouth – just condensed milk, cornstarch and food coloring.. Cooked it up on the stove while she slept and dumped it into a big bowl when it cooled to room temperature. To make it more interesting I tossed a couple plastic cookie cutters in the bowl. This one was a sure hit!!

I tried to get her to show Marc her hands so he could get a good picture of them (I had slime on my hands) but it turned into clapping.. Which ended up with slime on the walls, pantry door, cabinet and island.. She was crazy laughing.. like a villian in a Disney movie.. I found it hilarious! (the slime comes off with just plain old warm water)

And cleanup of the little one.. The easiest way was to strip her down and put her in the sink.. Which she enjoyed more than Daddy lol
IMG_5428 IMG_5431

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