Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunday Funday

We took full advantage of not having many chores to do this weekend and had a great fun filled day with Savannah. After Marc made us a yummy pancake breakfast we headed to the school where we had heard there may be baby swings..

At the third park we found the baby swings – yay! We put Savannah in the swing and she was very unsure of the whole thing. Marc and I kneeled in front of her to assure her it was ok and when she smiled we moved the swing a little. That brought some big smiles! After a couple minutes we pushed it to go a little higher but it turned out it was too much. She got scared so we stopped the swing until she calmed down again. A little push and we got a small smile but it was short lived and she was ready to move on.

Next was the horsie which she had a great time bouncing on - even though the picture is not of her smiling. 

At that point another family had arrived to fly a kite in the grassy area. Savannah was overly excited and ran off towards the grass. Marc caught up with her first and off they went to chase the kite,

with a short stop to pick a dandelion..

then back to chasing the kite!

The kite got really high up and Savannah was pointing and squealing at it.

Then it was back to the playset for more slide and climbing time, complete with Marc and me busting our butts on the ground at the end of the slide - thankfully he's the only one caught on camera. :)

After we arrived home and had a snack we headed back outside to play with her water table. Marc even remembered (I never do) to take her clothes off before she got soaked - much easier to clean up!

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