Monday, May 20, 2013

Ring Around the Savvy

After 9 months it was bound to happen - Savannah had a really bad night. We don't know what caused it but she wound up with some sort of rash. We had noticed a little redness earlier in the day but thought it was from being overtired. When Marc gave her a bath he noticed redness and some bumps all over her body. She went down without a hitch but a couple hours later she was up and not a happy baby.

Apparently whatever it was really took hold of her while sleeping as she was super red and puffy!!! Needless to say she was sooo upset and rubbing her head and face. First Marc went to the store to get benadryl but they all said not for children under 2. He did find some exema lotion and we lathered her all up but it didn't seem to help. We pulled out all the books and the one from the Mayo Clinic mentioned we could use hydrocortisone cream. Thank goodness!!! Coupled with some TV to distract her she stopped crying, screaming and rubbing but I wanted to cry with how uncomfortable she looked:

She did go back to sleep a little while later in the swing, we pulled it up to the couch and I slept next to her. She did wake up a couple more times but with some more hydrocortisone, snuggles and her lovey she would swing back to sleep.

As of 6 this morning she looks MUCH better. I took her upstairs with a bottle and she is now sleeping like a healed baby in her crib. I just wish we knew what set it off as I really don't want her to go through this again!!!

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