Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mommy Manicure

This morning I painted Sav's nails again. She picked orange out of the three colors I showed her (the first time she wanted pick which went very nicely with her Minnie costume). She moved a lot more trying to check it out but overall was good.. When I was done she said "Mommy Nail Paint" so I assumed she wanted me to paint mine as well. I was half right - she wanted to paint mine herself!

It was great, she dipped the brush in the bottle (I tried to get her to run up the side so there wasn't as much on but it didn't catch on) and proceeded to paint all of my nails and cuticles except the thumb I had done before realizing she was to do it. With some good maneuvering not a single drop got on anything but my fingers. She was so proud of herself! I would leave it on but I keep picking at my cuticles because of it so now that she's at school I'll take it off before I bleed. Worst case she can do it again this afternoon. Maybe we'll even paint Tyler's toenails since he hasn't found them yet!

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