Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Little Sous Chef

When she’s not keeping Tyler entertained dancing with his feet or running laps with Melanie Savannah has been helping me in the kitchen. I love the help and she loves being involved! She is a good pourer and mixer so most times I call her over if I have something to mix. The bowl goes on the floor (really glad I clean it every night now!), I measure what we need and she pours it into the bowl for me. Once all the ingredients are added I hand her the spoon and she goes to town mixing. She is so happy and proud of herself when she finishes!




Last night I didn’t have anything in particular planned for dinner. I asked Savannah what she wanted and she said “Salad?”. Easy enough! I handed her the pieces of lettuce to rip up and she did a fabulous job! Thankfully Marc wasn’t home since he doesn’t see a salad as a meal but it worked great for us. Savannah likes hers seperated – lettuce with dressing, chicken, shredded parmesean and croutons. She always wants more of my lettuce too.




And yes, it is almost December and she has a tank top on. She has been picking her shirt out in the morning and I keep forgetting to get her summer clothes (mainly the tank tops and shorts) out of her closet. This morning, like many mornings, she scoured the closet for a “butterfly” shirt. I may have to get more as there is one left and we have at least a week or two worth of shirts left before laundry is done!

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