Friday, November 14, 2014

Watercolor Leaves

Since we do not have any trees with leaves that change color we made our own. We used liquid watercolors and coffee filters on saran wrap to keep the colors bright and bold.




To get the water color onto the coffee filter we used pipettes which Savannah picked up how very quickly. She had a blast shooting the water colors out of it!



We had Tyler with us but at a small distance in case of splatter.



The colors were super bright and Savannah was very happy with the result!



We left them to dry out overnight, still on saran wrap so most of the color would stay on them.



The next day I cut them into leaf shapes and put them up on the window. They turned out great – brighter in person since all the sun lightens the picture.




Have I mentioned how much I am loving that Savannah can do arts and crafts now?

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