Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pumpkin Carving and Painting

Marc's schedule allowed us to carve and paint pumpkins on Halloween which has is great since we forgot and ran out of time the weekend before. Might have even been better since they don't last long here.

First she helped Marc clean out his pumpkin complete with her own little knife. Her reaction - though I don't have a picture - when she first put her hand in it was great. It was a mix of Ewwwww and OMG! Then she started laughing and grabbing the strands and seeds like crazy.

While Marc carved his pumpkin Savannah was ready to paint hers. She wanted blue and yellow paint which worked out great on the white pumpkin she picked. I realized later it came out kind of teal which is to signify houses had non-candy treats or something but oh well.

When we were all done I dropped the strobe lights in the carved ones and Savannah was mesmerized. I took them to the front door and she got mad thinking I was taking them away but it was just since it was dark and she could really see the lights. When she decided to listen to what I was saying and came to look she was happy as can be and of course had to show Melanie.

Checking out the pumpkins video:

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