Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

While Savannah didn’t understand when we told her it was Halloween she got super excited when we told her Lexy and Marisa were coming. We got her in her Minnie costume and Tyler in his Future Zombie Hunter costume just in time for them to arrive.



Marisa brought some glow sticks for the girls which were a big hit! Then we set out for some candy.



It only took a couple houses for Savannah to get the hang of it. She would go up to the house with Lexy but many times she wouldn’t go to the door until Lexy convinced her. There were also some people in their driveways handing out candy. Her favorite was the few people who were on their driveways with their dogs. I was so proud that she didn’t run up to the dogs like she does ours. She’d go near but wouldn’t try and pet them unless the people told her it was ok.

Unfortunately I just had my phone and the pictures did not come out well. Next year I need to remember to bring the good camera!


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