Saturday, October 25, 2014

VWFW Midwives Appreciation Picnic

Saturday afternoon our midwives’ office had a picnic for all their patients. We arrived very late due to a delayed nap from Savannah but luckily a couple of her friends were still there to play with. Ella, who Savannah asks for a lot, as well as Ariston were playing in the big sandbox. Savannah was quick to join in the fun while Ella’s mom and grandma babynapped played with Tyler.



After a while in the sandbox we noticed there were a bunch of bunnies running around and pointed them out to the kids. They were off and running lickity split trying to get them! Ariston pulled some good maneuvers trying to sneak up on them but no luck.



After a little bunny chasing we ended up down by the lake watching the ducks. And throwing leaves in the water. I think they were trying to convince the ducks to come closer but the ducks knew their ploy..



I can’t pinpoint exactly why since all of the pictures are so cute but my favorite picture from the day is this one with Savannah and Ariston.. They look so grown up!


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