Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fall Festival 2014

We tried a new farm for their Fall Festival this year. It’s called Vertucci Farms and is about 15 minutes or so away from us. It was smaller than I had thought it would be but I think I’m comparing to when I was a kid and things seemed a lot bigger.


While awake Tyler was checking everything out with a lot of smiles and lost in thought stares but after a half hour or so he fell asleep for the rest of the visit. The sun might’ve been a little too much for him.




Savannah had a blast! She tried so many new things and did great. First was a big tube slide. We went down the small one a couple times and she was grinning ear to ear. Later in the day she wanted to go back and after one or two times down the small one with Daddy they got brave and went to the big one. Holy moley was it high (in the first picture, the small one is on the right)!!!




Then across from the slide was an Air Bubble – somewhat like a bounce house but no walls, just a big “bubble” on the ground. I went with her first and she watched the other people jumping real high and loved when it caused her to bounce. Then she wanted Daddy to go. And again. And again. I think she was on the air bubble 7 different times getting more and more comfortable with it each one.



Then we went over to the petting zoo. She got real excited with the chickens although she didn’t pet any. Initially she wasn’t sure about the goats but she mustered up some courage and ended up petting a couple of them. The turkey on the other hand.. Yea, she wouldn’t get any closer than this! She loved the bunnies too but they weren’t anywhere near the fence for her to pet them. Thankfully we got away from them without an upset little one!



Next up were the pedal cars. She wanted to go by herself but they are for much bigger kids and adults. Marc got her on his lap for a couple minutes but she was hell bent on doing it alone. He ended up letting her sit on it and pushed her around – she really has him wrapped around her finger!



A small ride on the “train”..



Followed by swings – she did GREAT on them even though they were the big kid ones (first time)!!



Last was the spider web.. We weren’t sure she’d like it since her little feet and legs could fall through but after a couple minutes she did crawl on it from me to Daddy (about a quarter of the diameter).


It was a GREAT day! I can’t wait until next year when Tyler can play with her there too!

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