Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Savannah Swings and Minnie Needs a Diaper

The first couple of times Savannah tried the swings she did not like them at all. Last week Marc and I took her and Tyler to the park on a not-as-hot-but-super-humid day and after watching a couple other kids in them she wanted to try again.. You’ll see, it went much better!!


Savannah Swings Video


Another new playtime routine is diaper changes. Thankfully she doesn’t mess with hers too much however Minnie (and other stuffed animals) need changing a lot.. And use the potty..

Minnie Yukky Diaper!!


Wipe! Wipe!




Ooh.. Potty! Minnie Potty!



Then all of a sudden Savannah disappears from the bathroom and comes back with Frog.. Who is ready for the big potty…



And visits Minnie on the potty (how inappropriate these animals are!!)..



And they all leave as one happy family..


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